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Answer for question 4328.

Do you put bumper stickers or other decorations on your vehicle? If so, what types are they -- humorous, political, etc? What's the best sticker or sign you've seen on someone else's vehicle?
If I was to put ANY promotional "sticker" on my car, I would first attach it to a strong SHEET MAGNET.
I don't want to fight removing an old sticker from the car (even if it is made of durable vinyl).

The BEST sticker I have seen was:

It doesn't determine who is RIGHT
It only determines who is LEFT
I hope your day was wonderful and that the year ahead is splendid! Hugs Always ~ B
Let us raise a glass and in unison say
"A blessing upon this Natal Day"
And for Good Friends that I hold dear
May you find joy throughout the year!

=C▲TS= (Chapter 1)

The Black One

Last year during the winter, a very emaciated black cat decided to live under our mobile home. It hung out there because the heating duct cross-over was torn up and venting warmth (and many of our energy dollars) underneath. It also hung out on our porch, and looked pitiful from being nothing but fur and bones. Incidentally, it had an almost identical brother that hung out across the street. The only 2 differences between them (other than the unhealthy weight difference) is that his sibling had tan eyes and a small white spot on his chest while he himself had green eyes and had no white spot.

This black cat apparently had problems and so did we. We didn't have many options. One option was was the "Humane" Society, but their policy was that most strays (especially feral cats) would be euthanized. To add further insult to injury, they would CHARGE you to drop off the cat. At that time I couldn't find any "No Kill" facility, so that left the only option to take care of the cat myself. (Since ignoring it would end up with a dead cat under my home.)

I went out and bought some wet cat food to help bulk up the kitty. I gave smaller portions at first and built up gradually. After about a month, it didn't look as if it was gaining any weight. [Hmmm...] Maybe he had parasites? I looked for some dewormer that was not too harsh. I dosed the food for this severely underweight feline hoping I calculated it right. It worked! He started gaining weight and was very friendly and grateful. In fact, he was so grateful he did what any good kitty would do... Demand Attention!

He turned out to be a very friendly cat that loved to be petted and skritched, but wasn't too keen about being picked up. You might say that he was "Second Hand Shy". If you petted him with one hand, he would love it. If during that petting you bring in a second hand, he would evade or run off. Yet, this cat is so mellow that you can run a lawnmower or vacuum cleaner near him and he would look and have the attitude of "Oh... I wondered what was making that noise. Carry On..."

I had discovered from other neighbors that his brother, whom I call "Dot" (to describe the dot on the chest), and the black cat now named "Tod" (which is the reverse of "Dot") had both been previously captured by a mobile pet hospital for neutering and re-release. I hadn't notice the one clipped ear on either of them because it was "Straight Across" cut and not "Notched" one like I had seen on other feral cats who went through the same thing. It brings me relief that these cats won't be reproducing more feral kitties and is ONE LESS THING I would have to worry about doing in the future. Tod now has his domain on our porch whereas Dot has his somewhere across the street. (No, the street isn't a busy road. These are roads within a mobile home park with a speed limit of 14½ MPH)

One year has come and gone since then.
Tod is doing well and remains to be his own cat.


Writer's Block: Doctor Who?

26-year-old actor Matt Smith was anointed as the eleventh Doctor Who this week. If you were in charge of casting, who would you cast as your ideal Doctor and why?
How about Graham William Walker (also known as Graham Norton)?
I am just teasing, although Graham would bring a different kind of "energy" for being The Doctor.

I (restarted) watching DOCTOR WHO when Christopher Eccleston was portraying The Doctor.  I have been a continuing fan ever since.

Christopher Eccleston came across as a little too cocky for my taste and seemed more like a classroom prankster that you would find at university. Although, he did seem to be more accessible emotionally and not as rigid in his portrayal.

David Tennant was less cocky and more "as-a-matter-of-fact" in his rendition of The Doctor. He seemed more convincing and forthright in sharing what he knew. He was very likable. It's sad that we are getting all these "Doctors" for the short run.

It was suggested by some posters that we should have a WOMAN Doctor. This is not an unreasonable request, although I wouldn't know how they would explain how a male Doctor would transform from one sex to another (and back again). Even a more curious suggestion would be to have someone androgynous (and perhaps even more athletic?) portray The Doctor.

Anyways - I would just wish to have a strong character that can go the distance and provide the illusions of fantastic possibilities. I
Thank ALL of the predecessors who have made this series enjoyable throughout the years!


Who WISSSSHED us a snowy Christmas?
Who WISSSSHED us an icy Christmas?
Who WISSSSHED us a freezing Christmas
And a Soggy New Year?

While driving around
Car slidings abound
And they will not stop 'til
You hear a crashing sound

So put on the Friggin' Snow Chains
Yes put on the Friggin' Snow Chains
We all need some Friggin' Snow Chains
or drive a "John Deere".

Cold tidings we bring
from Salem, Oregon
Cold tidings at "CRASH"-mas
and a Soggy New Year!


Who WISSSSHED us a snowy Christmas?
Who WISSSSHED us an icy Christmas?
Who WISSSSHED us a freezing Christmas
And a Soggy New Year?

[end ♫♪♫]

Holiday Remembrances

I want you to think back on this question (whether 1 minute or a lifetime ago):

What is the BEST Holiday Memory you can recall and what made it so memorable?
(It doesn't have to be a winter holiday, it could be any holiday at all).

Math Test

What is the answer?

Poll #1216786 Math Test

1 + 2 × 3 =


Did You Know ?

On July 1st in the year...

1943 - Income tax withholding began in the United States?

1963 - The U.S. Post Office inaugurated its five-digit ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) codes?

(Did you know that ZIP means "Zone Improvement Plan"?)

1997 - After 156 years of British colonial rule, Hong Kong was returned to China?

Writer's Block: Entering the Game

Are you the kind of person who prefers to enter a game with strategies and codes, or do you like to go into it without any help?
The Answer is Both.

I really LOVE solving puzzles. So if it is a game that requires me to think on my feet, then I would prefer to go in with no information (except that of understanding the premise of the game.)

If it is something I need to get in and get out, then having ALL the information before going in would be more expeditious.